Sinhala Deyiyo

by Spirited™



Sinhala Deyiyo - Spirited™ ft Desha & Mano

A tribute to the great ancestral energies from the south west, the first of all Hela Gods to be enlightened on the path of 'Arya' (Sanskrit: ārya, Pāli: ariya) through compassion - a regional guardian "Sinhala Deyiyo" also known as "Saman Deyiyo".

"In the legendary history, Sumana Saman deviyo invited Lord Buddha to the Samanalakanda and on request Lord Gautama Buddha left his foot print on the rock at top of the mountain as a token of symbolic worship, in the absence of the Buddha. God Sumana Saman was there when Lord Buddha visited the island for the first time. Saman became a stream-entrant (sotapanna) after listening to the Buddha, who gave him a handful of hairs with which he erected the Stupa at Mahiyangana." - Wikipedia

A vibrational tribute with compassion


released May 3, 2015
A sacred sound tribute collaberation,

Produced by Misha Whirlwind *Spirited™

Co-produced by Shehan Thenuwara

Composed by Desha Mihiripane

Written by Mano Dharma

Vocals by Desha Mihiripane & Mano Dharama

Cover Art by Gihan *Drushya™

A healing guide compiled by Spirited Records™